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Understanding Guinea Pigs Nutritional Needs and the Right Diet

Where you have guinea pigs at home, you should at all times consider feeding them the right food and diet. Guinea pigs are like human beings and they need to feed healthy meals and diet. There is always need for you to fully acknowledge the nutritional needs of the guinea pig before buying any food. This article gets to enlighten you more on some facts which will eventually enable you choose the best food for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs like human beings require vitamin C in plenty but they are not able to produce their own Vitamin C. Guinea pigs can not only produce vitamin C but can’t be able to store it and this demands that you feed them 10-30 mg daily. Scurvy is what will follow where you are not able to feed your guinea pig with food rich in vitamin C.

there is need for you to have a good diet that’s rich in vitamin C introduced for the guinea pig. Nonetheless, there are so many people who find it hard and overly tricky to determine the best guinea pigs food. First, there is need to know that high-quality hay makes over 80% of the guinea pigs diet. The remaining 20% is for greens, pellets and treats at 15%, 4% and 1% respectively. Where your piggy isn’t receiving the right amounts of vitamin C through feeding on green veggies, you should consider using pellets as a supplementary option.

Ardency is required when it comes to choosing the right pellets for your guinea pig. In the marketplace, you will come across pellets with fattening ingredients which aren’t ideal for guinea pigs. Therefore, you need to beware of flashy and cheap pellets. The best pellet bag should not have other things whatsoever. This means that you avoid buying pellets where the bag contains the pellets mixed with seeds, nuts or even colorful flakes. This is a fundamental way of eliminating junky food from the guinea pig’s diet.

Where you have made a decision for feeding your guinea pigs pellets, you should employ ardency. This high level of ardency will enable you choose the high-quality pellets in the marketplace. The best quality pellets will be fortified appropriately with Vitamin C that’s necessitated by the guinea pigs and some fundamentally necessitated minerals. Therefore, ensure to have hay ready for the guinea pig and have it also feeding on the pellets and drinking clean water. An eight of a cup of pellets is enough for the day. Where possible, get greener veggies as well.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Pets

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Pets

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